Your Italian-American Gardening Tips: Zucchini,Tomatoes, Strawberries and more!

Your Italian-American Gardening Tips: Planting zucchini, tomatoes, strawberries and more! this year I plan to focus on tending to my new raised gardens.  In this blog we’ll check in on the lettuce seeds I planted in early spring, and then set up our zucchini, tomato, and strawberry beds. And also… we will check out how our perennial herbs I planted last year made it through the winter. My hope is that you will enjoy the tips I’ve learned about gardening through many years of experience, trial and error, and be encouraged to start an Italian garden yourself — be it large or small, in a yard or on your porch, or even indoors in pots near a sunny window — after reading the blogs in this series “Your Italian Gardening Tips.”  

Your Italian-American Gardening Tips: Zucchini,Tomatoes, Strawberries and more!

Paste-Up Power

Graffiti Lux Art & More

On my walk to Graffiti Alley, I spotted this beauteous paste-up in a window.

Pasted on the inside, you can see the glue around the edges.

I adore all of the rich details.

Lo and behold, there was the beauty, again, in Graffiti Alley. I had just finished shooting what I posted yesterday.

Again, pasted-up, this time on what seems a mud cloth pattern.

There’s more art along this wall, but I’m skipping to the end of the alley. I make a  right turn, into a scaffold tunnel. It’s mostly filled with writing, and there’s not enough space to back up and photo each piece.

In this narrow tunnel, I find the beauty, again. However, this time it’s a totally new version of the paste-up.

I squished in some angled shots, as there was no room to back up for a dead on.

The details are fantastic.

Pics taken by…

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This weeks digital The N.O.W.

Pictured below is my daughter at her booth out in Dupage County.  Things are going to be different this year, let’s all hang in there, and hope we get back to a better time …


The N.O.W.

Be careful, stay creative, strive to be productive, and enjoy your summer (even if it’s mostly in your backyard this year)

#RightTheWrong #covid19awareness #blacklivesmatters