Thanks for visiting my page. I am a Chicagoland columnist, an events and travel assistant, and I have fundraising ideas for non-profits to share for those in need.


Best wishes to all,

Marianne Naughton

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Marianne!

    Thanks for following my blog! I greatly appreciate it! I’m an aspiring travel writer, aspiring teacher of English as a second language, but presently working as an IT Technician in the corporate world. If you’re open to exchanging contact information, we can correspond with one another and see how we can best help each other reach our goals! I would love to hear and learn about things you still have yet to check off your goal list and see how I can help you take another step forward.

    Dominic Jones

      1. What is your twitter handle? Mine is @towwiow. I’m not feeling the zamzuu link as one I would be willing to co-promote. Not exactly sure what it is from just going to the link. Maybe this will be a point of private discussion? More than willing to co-promote your paper.li link. It looks great! We can also hash out some loose agreement of terms in a private discussion! 🙂 Direct Message me on twitter. Notification will come to my phone.

  2. Thanks for the re-post Marianne! I’ve got lots on my blogs about Italian language and culture I hope you will enjoy! Looking forward to reading more of your blogs on travel and exciting events!

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