Tips for Preserving and Caring for Antique Furniture

Susan Brunstrum

As the principal of Studio Brunstrum in Illinois, interior designer Susan Brunstrum uses a relationship-driven approach to create indoor environments tailored to her clients’ needs and lifestyles. The services that Susan Brunstrum’s business offers include assistance with selecting and arranging artwork, accessories, furniture, and antiques.

Antique furniture requires special care and attention to preserve its beauty and elegance and promote its longevity over the years. Here are a few tips for the proper care and maintenance of such pieces:

Don’t Use Oil-Based Products
Contrary to common belief, oil damages antique furniture rather than preventing it from drying out. Pledge and spray furniture cleaners leave behind an oily residue that attracts dirt and dust, which contributes to discoloration and degrades the finish. Using paste or solid waxes likes bees’ or butchers’ wax will protect the furniture from handling and environmental stressors.

Avoid Exposure to UV Light, Humidity, and Heat Sources

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